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The best guides have 3 things

A deep understanding
of the theory
Practical experience at
the highest level
Knowledge of how to succeed in the future


Jared Molko is the co-founder and CEO of Yenza, a cutting edge career guidance and development platform. Before starting Yenza, Jared worked for Google for 7 years across the globe achieving great success among the worlds very best. He is a passionate educator who lectures at multiple top tertiary establishments and has spoken on the TED stage about future skills and the impact of A.I on the world of work. He also has a Masters Degree in Analytical Psychology, and is now using all his knowledge and experience to provide people with a new and more effective approach to career guidance, development and personal well-being.

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I’ve developed an innovative approach to career guidance and life-design at any stage of one's career journey.

Science + Technology + Narrative
=Career Success

This approach to career guidance uses a combination science, technology and narrative to weave together a clear career identity and far greater sense of purpose or calling. With career direction and by aligning life goals to an action plan, the road to career success will become a far smoother journey.


What you’ll do

A 5 week program covering these 4 areas


Taking various assessments to develop an integrated understanding of your career self.

Career Exploration

Explore Yenza career recommendations based on assessment results.


Engage in one session per week either in-person or virtually to reflect and feedback.

Career Self Development

Complete a variety of exercises to uncover your strengths, values, motivators and career identity.

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Who’s it for

For All Learners

Subject or tertiary choice

For All Graduates

Degree choice or degree change

For All Seekers

Pursuing new opportunities

For All Changers

Deciding on new career pathways

What you’ll gain

A blueprint for career success for the rest of your life.

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Career Narrative

A clear sense of your “career why” aligned to your values, aspirations and definition of success.

Career Strengths

A clear understanding of your core strengths to focus on throughout your career life.

Career Bible

A detailed insights report with frameworks to guide decision making, skill development, action plan and more.

Career Support

Access to content and people that will be able to support you throughout your career journey.


Your investment in your future

“This 5 week program really works. People who succeed are always the people who invest in themselves. The return on consistently making the right career choices will compound over time to make this the best investment of your life."

R 4750

Career Sessions

✓ Five sessions: One hour per session
✓ 1 session per week (virtual or in-person)
✓ Dialogue and discourse throughout
✓ Follow up sessions on request



✓ Vocational Aptitude (Holland Code)
✓ Personality traits (Big-5 Factor Model)
✓ Values & Motivators (Exercise based)
✓ EQ + Cognitive Ability (Optional)


Yenza Platform Access

✓ High quality career content
✓ Access to skills courses
✓ Access to industry leaders
✓ Access to job opportunities


Integrated Report

✓ Subject & Career Recommendations
✓ Integrated Career-Self Report
✓ Skills Recommendations
✓ Action plan

Worth over R9 000

Only R5 750

You can also book one hour consultations at
an hourly rate of R950 p/h.

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50% will be required to pay upfront and 50% upon completion of the course only if you are happy with the experience.

Save Time

•  Time spent feeling frustrated, depressed and ineffective.
•  Time lost not pursuing the right career path.

Save Money

•  Money spent on wrong qualifications, degrees or courses.
•  Money lost in not progressing within your career.

one hour consultation

Just need some quick guidance and/or want to go deeper after using the Yenza platform? I would love to help!

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